Hi Jeff ,

Thanks for the work done on my teeth everything feels great with no issues.

“After seeing many dentists throughout my lifetime I was so happy I came across this particular clinic to conduct work on my teeth. After travelling over 600 miles in total , I was not left disappointed at all. The whole team were really friendly , compassionate and professional in that I wish I had them on my door step. 

Jeff particularly clearly displayed he was a level above in his craft , conducting everything with such precision and care , I just knew I was in safe hands. His experience and knowledge in approaching the tasks ahead to fix my teeth really shone through. The equipment he uses are all high tech state of the art , following all protocols to the highest standards , which is what I looked for especially when having to remove my deep silver fillings safely and to replace them with white ones, with no signs of disturbing any nerve endings. Above that he identified and resolved other potential issues I would of had with my teeth in which other dentists failed to address. Everything was transparent as Jeff likes to show  and explain in detail what I had going on inside my mouth.  It felt like I was dealing with a proud and passionate Artist who’s aim was to create a perfect picture inside my mouth. 

Thank you so much for making my experience so good, along with the whole team that made it feel like a family and not just another formal dentist visit.”