amalgam removal & tooth-coloured fillings

Safe amalgam removal & tooth-coloured filling (from £165 per tooth)
The Clinic was the first mercury-free practice in Brighton...

Often, patients visit The Clinic because they are concerned about the possible health risks posed by unsightly mercury fillings. The World Health Organisation has stated that there is no safe dose of mercury, and its use has been abolished completely in many EU countries.

Jeff is a member of the British Society for Mercury Free Dentistry and the IAOMT. Accordingly, he observes the recommended protocols when removing old mercury fillings and replacing them with non-toxic, tooth-coloured materials. He uses rubber dam, a separate air supply and high volume suction at all times. Of course, many patients are driven by cosmetic concerns, in which case the benefits of amalgam removal are obvious.

Mercury amalgam removal protocol
  • We prevent mercury inhalation by providing an oxygen mask
  • We place a rubber dam barrier around the tooth to ensure no mercury is swallowed
  • We remove the filling carefully to minimise mercury 'dust'
  • We use powerful ('high volume') suction at all times
  • We use a 'scavenger' to keep the air in the surgery clean throughout

case studies

patient testimonials

  • Nick Allen, Hadlow Down, 02 November 2018

    Thank you Jeff & Rosie, Comfortable during and afterwards. Amalgam safely removed. hooray!

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  • Martina Cowen, Scaynes Hill, July 29th, 2018

    Excellent professional service.  I had seven amalgam fillings removed with no pain or discomfort.  I’m now completely amalgam-free and my teeth and smile haven’t looked this good since I was a child.  Thank you.

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  • Lisa Butler, Brighton, February 22nd 2016

    I am delighted with Jeff and Rosie’s work.  I like how Jeff constantly asks if I am ok, which puts me at ease.  The follow-up call after my mercury fillings were replaced was great and made me think that the team care about their patients.  Thanks a lot and see you next time!

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  • Catherine Smart, Hastings, November 10th 2015

    The amalgam removal was carried out in such a way that I have finally overcome my fear of visiting dentists.  I am very grateful and very pleased with the results.  Thank you.

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  • Dr Licia Grail, Crowborough, June 6th 2015

    I am extremely happy with my safe mercury filling removal treatment, kindness, and the time schedule. Thank you so much.

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  • Ralph Fox, Brighton, 21st January 2014

    I'm so glad that I found Jeff. We share the same viewpoint about using mercury in fillings and he has painlessly changed them all for me, which has been a great relief. He has a kind and gentle approach and I feel that I am in safe hands.

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  • Anonymous, Hove, February 28th 2012

    I had a missing inlay replaced with gold, as well as a few mercury fillings replaced with non toxic materials, and older composite fillings replaced. The work was undertaken efficiently and with good craftsmanship - my teeth feel more comfortable, the surfaces solid and smooth, and bite even. It was very helpful to see x-rays of my mouth & live Continue Reading

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