GDC 53638

Jeff Amos qualified from Manchester University in 1979 and has lived and practiced in Brighton since 1982.

‘Mercury-free’ since 1992, Jeff now tries to avoid placing metal of any kind in the mouth for reasons both of biocompatibility and aesthetics. He embraces new technology, routinely using lasers and digital scanners in his work, and enjoys employing his wide range of skills.

A perfectionist by nature, he himself admits that he pursues obsessively the highest standards. He also believes that museum-quality artwork on show at the Clinic is an important part of its unique ambience. Jeff considers dentistry a vocation and perceives his patients as dental enthusiasts.

When he is not being a dentist, Jeff collects modern art (he holds Masters and Doctorate degrees in Art History), plays the guitar and piano, and battles his weakness for classic cars.