Appointments & Fees

Telephone Beverley on 01273 677 333 or email Please note this is not a comprehensive list of treatments, and the fees quoted are intended as a guide only. Discounts are sometimes applied in cases of multiple crowns, veneers etc. A full written estimate of costs will be provided before the start of every course of treatment. We accept all major credit cards. Instalment payments may be made by arrangement.


New Patient Consultation (including full-mouth, low radiation digital X-rays)
Routine Dental Examination
X-rays (low radiation digital)
Teeth cleaning
Venus Pearl, mercury-free fillings, to include safe (SMART protocol) mercury amalgam removal where required
£195 per tooth
Porcelain crowns (not including laboratory fee)
Porcelain veneers (not including laboratory fee)
Porcelain bridgework (per unit, not including laboratory fee)
Tooth whitening ('at-home technique', full mouth)
Root treatments from
Full dentures (not including laboratory fee)
price as per estimate