Throughout the duration of treatment at The Clinic I experienced outstanding support on all levels.  Having been afflicted by deep trauma as a child from very invasive treatments I have finally found a dentist I can actually look forward to visiting!  I received exceptional care, reassurance at all points during the treatments & a magnificent new smile where even the temporary crowns far exceeded any prior permanent work I had done by other dentists! 

I highly recommend Jeff Amos as his decades of experience really shines through in his perfected skill & quality of precision!! 

I just can not express in words how grateful to the whole team at The Clinic for going above & beyond at every level.  You have healed my mouth & most importantly through your compassionate & gentle approach you have healed my trauma & profoundly changed my life at such a core level!!

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for making my journey as gentle as possible I really feel I have been a touched by Grace! 

The Clinic is truly superlative!!