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Holistic, Biological dentistry in Brighton

Dr Jeff Amos at The Clinic Mercury Removal Centre

SMART-Certified and one of only three UK dentists Accredited in Holistic/Biological dentistry by the IAOMT, Jeff believes that mercury has no place in the oral cavity. He has practised mercury-free dentistry since 1992 and routinely removes all metals found in the mouth safely and skilfully.

Dr Jeff Amos
The Clinic dental practice with the team

New patients welcome

The Clinic is situated at the heart of Brighton’s boho North Laine, and so if you are in the area you are welcome to drop by to look at our practice. You might also be interested to view our modern art collection, which we believe is unrivalled in the town.

A New Patient Consultation costs £165, to include full Vatech digital X-rays and a tour of your mouth using an intra-oral camera.

There are no hidden extras, although the fee increases to £195 if a 3D CBCT Scan is required.

We will also work with your holistic practitioner or other alternative therapist.

Treatments and prices

Amalgam removal

Safe (SMART protocol) mercury amalgam removal: from £65 per tooth (does not include fee for restoration)

Tooth-coloured fillings

Beautiful Venus Pearl or porcelain mercury-free fillings from £195 per tooth


Porcelain veneers to create perfect smiles (not including laboratory fee) from £495 per tooth


Porcelain bridgework to replace missing teeth (not including laboratory fee) from £495 per unit


Porcelain crowns to restore teeth to as-new condition (not including laboratory fee) from £495 per tooth

Teeth cleaning

Painless deep cleaning using ultra-sonic scaler and Airflow bicarbonate spray from £95

Teeth whitening

‘At-home’ technique – lift your smile to the desired shade with guaranteed success from £295

Root treatments

from £495 per tooth


Mercury Removal

We are the go-to practice in the region for safe removal of mercury fillings using the SMART Protocol, for which we are Certified by the IAOMT.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Jeff is well known for his artistic sense and is always mindful of oral aesthetics – whether he is replacing fillings with simple Venus Pearl composite or providing more complex ceramic crown and veneer work.  He avoids the use of metal in the mouth if at all possible.

Painless Injections

Jeff believes that injections are one of the main reasons that people are deterred from visiting the dentist and so takes great care to make sure that his are painless.  He always gives a tiny amount of local anaesthetic to numb the mouth before giving the main injection – it makes a huge difference.

A Friendly and Professional Team

Our team consists of Dr Jeff Amos, his wife Beverley Achilles and daughter Rosie Achilles. Being that rare thing nowadays, a family practice, we take a great pride in our reputation and our personal relationship with patients.  We represent an alternative to the corporate chains that dominate dentistry today. 

The Clinic - Mercury removal centre - dental practice with the team.
Dr-Jeff Amos

Dr Jeff Amos

GDC 53638

Jeff Amos qualified from Manchester University in 1979 and has lived and practiced in Brighton since 1982.

‘Mercury-free’ since 1992, Jeff now tries to avoid placing metal of any kind in the mouth for reasons both of biocompatibility and aesthetics. He is SMART-Certified for safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings and has set up his surgery so that this can be done simply and quickly.

Increasingly perfectionist as he has got older, he works to the very highest standards at all times and his patients’ satisfaction is his utmost priority. He sees them as dental enthusiasts.

When he is not being a dentist, Jeff collects modern art (he holds Masters and Doctorate degrees in Art History), plays the guitar and piano, and drives old cars around.

Beverley Achilles

Practice Manager

Beverley joined The Clinic’s team fifteen years ago and became Practice Manager in 2019.

As Jeff’s wife, she is completely au fait with all aspects of the dental world and so can usually answer all queries that patients might have.  One of her many strengths is her implacable conscientiousness, which means that all patients’ concerns are dealt with promptly and completely – without fail.

At home, Beverley is devoted to her horses, her three children and Jeff (if she has any time left).

She is passionate about organic food, all environmental issues and sewing.

Rosie Achilles

Dental Nurse – GDC 255498 

By a quirk of fate, Rosie is both the best nurse that Jeff has ever worked with and his  stepdaughter.

Each member of the team at The Clinic understands the requirements of each and every patient’s individual needs.  Further to this, Rosie uses her rare intuition and fantastic dexterity to ensure our patients are as happy when they leave the surgery as when they arrive.  Her calmness at all times is also a huge asset and much appreciated by all.

Quite rightly, Rosie has a very busy social life outside the practice and can justifiably be called a keep-fit fanatic  She shares Beverley’s passion for healthy food, Jeff’s for Jimi Hendrix, and is devoted to her Maine Coon cats Woody and Monty.

SMART safety protocol

Our SMART amalgam removal technique utilises rubber dam, oxygen masking and full-body gowning to prevent mercury ingestion and inhalation of mercury dust. In conjunction with high-volume suction equipment and the latest IQAir FlexVac scavenger, this approach ensures that our patients enjoy complete peace of mind whilst their mouths are detoxified.

For Emergencies: Call 01273 677333

Click the short video above to see Our SMART amalgam removal technique

Non toxic fillings

However large, your mercury amalgam fillings can be replaced with a non-toxic alternative. Depending upon size, we use either the latest composite resins that contain no bis-GMA or its derivatives, or porcelain.  Both types of restoration are completely safe and look fantastic.

Rubber dam

Jeff believes that it is essential to have rubber dam sealed around a tooth before he removes mercury amalgam from it.  Without this barrier, it is inevitable that particles of the filling material will be swallowed and that elemental mercury will pass through the intestinal wall.

Oxygen mask

Inhaling mercury amalgam dust is even more hazardous than ingesting it, because mercury is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream from the lungs.  That is why we never remove these fillings at The Clinic without first placing an oxygen nose mask for your protection.

Mercury scavenging

In addition to deploying the barrier precautions of rubber dam and oxygen masking, Jeff also uses the state-of-the-art IQAir FlexVac scavenger to ensure that your mercury amalgams are removed in a completely safe and non-toxic environment.


From the giving of completely painless injections to investing in the very latest equipment and technology, we are 100% focused at all times on our patients’ wellbeing. This commitment is reflected in the many positive testimonials that we receive, some of which can be viewed here...

Harry Charalambous

Hi Jeff , Thanks for the work done on my teeth everything feels great with no issues. “After seeing many dentists throughout my lifetime I was so happy I came across this particular clinic to conduct work on my teeth. After travelling over 600 miles in total , I was...

Lisa Lyons – Dartford

Seven amalgams removed and replaced safely.  The procedure was painless from start to finish (and I am terrified of dentists).  Five star service.

Jacqueline Andrews – Worthing

A huge thank you to Jeff for a pain-free and (almost) pleasurable dental experience. I am now officially mercury-free after the careful removal of nine old fillings.  Jeff is a kind, competent, meticulous professional and i would recommend this practice to anyone.  I...

David Fifield – Brighton

After some difficult experiences with dentists, Jeff filled me with confidence and my mouth is now mercury-free.  Fantastic dentist.

Dr Mirdhu Wickremaratchi – Goring-on Sea

Fantastic experience.  Very skilful and knowledgeable. I felt at ease and in good hands for all my appointments and treatment, which was quite extensive.

Joseph Duncan – London

Jeff is a very sensitive and professional dentist who has helped me deal with some complex dental issues, including mercury removal, smoothly and with no stress.  Thank you.

Stephen Hale – Brighton

Glad to have had all my amalgams removed safely.  Great work - thank you!

Margaret Fisher – Henfield

I feel transformed by this wonderful dentist!  Teamwork at the practice is perfect.

Julie Anderson – Angmering

Friendly and patient - much appreciated.  I am sure that I will see a difference being mercury-free.

Robin Obermuller – Hove

Couldn’t be happier with the service and the amalgam-free end result. Would highly recommend.

Appointments can be made by calling Beverley on 01273 677333

Unit 5 Gloucester Yard, 121-123 Gloucester Road Brighton, Sussex BN1 4AF

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