SMART safety protocol

Our SMART amalgam removal technique utilises rubber dam, oxygen masking and full-body gowning to prevent mercury ingestion and inhalation of mercury dust. In conjunction with high-volume suction equipment and the latest IQAir FlexVac scavenger, this approach ensures that our patients enjoy complete peace of mind whilst their mouths are detoxified.

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Non toxic fillings

However large, your mercury amalgam fillings can be replaced with a non-toxic alternative. Depending upon size, we use either the latest composite resins that contain no bis-GMA or its derivatives, or porcelain.  Both types of restoration are completely safe and look fantastic.

Rubber dam

Jeff believes that it is essential to have rubber dam sealed around a tooth before he removes mercury amalgam from it.  Without this barrier, it is inevitable that particles of the filling material will be swallowed and that elemental mercury will pass through the intestinal wall.

Oxygen mask

Inhaling mercury amalgam dust is even more hazardous than ingesting it, because mercury is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream from the lungs.  That is why we never remove these fillings at The Clinic without first placing an oxygen nose mask for your protection.

Mercury scavenging

In addition to deploying the barrier precautions of rubber dam and oxygen masking, Jeff also uses the state-of-the-art IQAir FlexVac scavenger to ensure that your mercury amalgams are removed in a completely safe and non-toxic environment.

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