Janine’s dental make over

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Case study - Janine's dental makeover
Janine Allen, Brighton, May 2nd 2012

Hello my name is Janine Allen. I had not been to the dentist for over 10 years and my teeth were suffering as a result. However every time I had been in the past, the treatment had been painful, my teeth were sensitive and I suffered discomfort. A friend of mine suggested that I go to Jeff Amos, as he is very gentle and considerate when working on teeth.

Janine's dental makeover

I took the plunge and made my first appointment, which was a consultation with Jeff. We discussed the way forward, which would be an appointment with the hygienist to clean my teeth, and a course of bleaching, which I would do at home. I would have a new veneer for my front tooth and then have fillings for my lower front teeth.

Teeth cleaning...
Before and after placing a veneer.

The cleaning process with the hygienist went well. The most comfortable I have ever experienced, well worth it as my teeth were shining, the cleanest I have ever seen them. Being a smoker and drinking tea and coffee, they were pretty stained.

Teeth whitening

The next stage was having impressions made from my teeth for the whitening process. I would put the bleaching trays in with peroxide gel over night.

Veneer fitting and tooth coloured fillings

After I had lightened my teeth to a very nice white shade, my veneer was fitted. This process was painless. Once all this was finished I had the fillings done on my lower front teeth. I had a couple of injections in my gum, which I did not feel at all. This numbed my lower teeth and so once again the treatment was completely painless.

The end result, what a difference!

Jeff was very considerate, gentle and professional, taking into account how nervous I was about work being carried out on my teeth. I would recommend Jeff to anybody for the care and well-being of their teeth.